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From: AM de Lange (
Date: 10/29/01

Dear Organlearners,

Greetings to all of you.

Somebody suggested that I should have a look at the website
< >

I did and was most pleasently surprised. The last frame "The Awakening" is
smashing! (Don, by what kind of programming is this effect achieved? If I
just had the time I will sit and figure it out. Any way, it is for me the
best visual representation of the quantum mechanical "measurement problem"
which I have ever seen! See the waves made by the disturbance of
measurement and how they gradually dissipate to restore the original
implicate order of David Bohm.)

This work of art contains many of the thoughts in pictures and words which
we have pondered over in our LO-dialogue through the many years.

It made me wonder. Imagine we present the LO in a similar manner. We get
an artist like Andrew to paint the pictures and a poet like Leo to write
the phrases. But then, that would not be original any more!

With care and best wishes

[Host's Note: Thanks, At, for this pointer... the site is a very
interesting long poem, with philosophical content, that appears on quick
reading to be quite aligned with our point of view. It's illustrated by a
series of paintings. The first and last images have a very interesting
dynamic effect that At mentions. I enjoyed the site and will go back to
read more carefully. ..Rick]


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