For Christopher LO27475

Date: 10/29/01

Dear Young Friend,

You asked me a good question and have had to wait a while for an answer
because I could find none worth the question...and my precious time was
being wasted by another...fool that I am...

"I heard a voice say to me,

Now since thou art neither beautiful nor witty, it is vain that thou
hangest about the doors of the admired palaces; For thou wilt not gain
admission -- thou!

But here outside is a plot of waste ground where canst build thee a little
cabin -- all thine own;

And since it is close by a common road and there is no fence about it,

Many a weary traveller parched with the heat of the day shall turn into
thee for a cup of cold water.

And that shall suffice for Thy life ."

 --- I turned the page...

"Look then in the glass once more, and satisfy yourself
thoroughly about it.
Do you not see, this time, that there is some one else looking in it also
Beside you, over your shoulder ? "



PS. Please keep looking for that feather ;-)


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