Kicking Things Abound ;-) LO27478

Date: 10/30/01

Dear Learners,

At de Lange writes,

>Brown observed in biology through a microscope that tiny pollen grains on
>the surface of water were actually moving erratically around. Up to that
>time a lot of theoretical physics under the name "statistical mechanics"
>was done on the atomic-molecular level of matter. But little of its
>outcomes could be observed directly on the macroscopic level of matter.
>Einstein immediately IMAGINED that the collisions of the unobservable
>small water molecules might be responsible for the observable erratic
>motion of the pollen grains on water. From the unobservable molecular side
>he then IMAGINED just how much and in what manner they would kick the
>pollen grains around. He then made calculations to predict properties of
>the observable motion of the pollen grains, for example how far a pollen
>would travel before changing the direction of its motion. These
>predictions were amazingly correct.

Mmmmmmmmm ; -)

At, learners, I must apologise to you ;-) ...for capitalising the word
IMAGINATION. I appreciate that the change alters the spareness in the
wholeness of what your writing conveyed in both the smaller and larger
domains both the invisible and visible.

You know, sometimes reading here breaks my heart and numbs my mind...why
is that?


Andrew Campbell


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