Angels Sleep Two LO27479

Date: 10/30/01

>From a private correspondence in August 2001.

Angels Sleep Two ;-)

" Andrew, did you see what you wrote? "The Could of Unknowing " - Is that the
same sentence, do you think, as endless possibilities? Unknowing
possibilities emerging from a cloud - so much potential.

Yesterday, a very, very close and dear friend, for very good reasons of
his own and of his own making, ended our friendship. We went and sat in a
field to talk about it, and as we did, he noticed two small flowers
opening up to the day. He said that he loved watching the flowers open up
like that - it made him think of so much potential. I asked what it
reminded him of when they closed in the evening. He said, a good night's
sleep. He suggested that we go to the stream and throw sticks in, and let
them float away, as a prayer. I was dubious - seemed a bloody stupid idea
to me - but we went along anyway. When we got there, the stream was dry -
nothing to give up our sticks to, and nothing to carry them away. Just mud
for them to get stuck in - dried up by the same daylight that opened up
the flowers. And I laughed at his love of potential - how wrong it is to
kill it. So much is clouded, so much is unknown, so precious are the
knowns and the coulds.


So, who is 'waking up' today... and what were your dreams... and are you
prepared to share them... commit to them... work them up to some new level
of reality between the 'coulds' and 'clouds', the 'unknowns' and 'knowns'?
Or is it... business as usual?


Andrew Campbell


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