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From: Leo Minnigh (
Date: 02/12/02

Replying to LO27788 --

Dear LO'ers,

This is a contribution that very well could be linked to 'Holism, a
product'. Both subjects merge together in this strange force that I
introduced as the 8th force. Andrew pointed our attention to infinity of
we lay down the 8 to have a good rest or infinite sleep :-) Yes Andrew,
the 8 resembles also the curve of a Moebius band, 3 dimensions,

Maybe I am searching for the Holy Grale, with this 8th force. I again
agree completely with At who informed us about his own understandings.
Yes, wholeness is as important as all other Essentialities. And I have
also experienced while focussing on one of these E's the strange effect of
enlarging that E, as if it is more important then others. However, I am
somehow forced to write down what I will write. Please dear readers, this
is my own personal feeling and nobody should change their mind because of
my writings.

So maybe it is of too much focussing on wholeness that I perceive the
following picture. If 'wholeness' is ONE of the seven E's, wholeness is
impaired - not complete, and thus NOT wholeness. Unless wholeness INCLUDES
the other six E's and that means that wholeness must be on an other level.
However, I realise fully that wholeness is one of the seven. So could
wholeness - if it is realy wholeness - includes itself?

Maybe you will perceive after reading the above paragraph a similar
picture that formed in my mind: spirals within spirals, or a vortex in a
water stream which appeared to be a larger vortex. Fractals.

There is another thing which kept my mind busy for long. Let me try to
articulate my thoughts.
I see two parallel arrows, both pointing to the same direction. One is the
arrow of entropy production, the other is the carrier of the fractal
constellation of the 7 E's. After a while both arrows reach a ridge, an
entropy ridge. A ridge of increased disorder. This means that at that
ridge the 'things' become 'looser' less coherent, because of the increased
disorder. Old bonds deminish while approaching this ridge. Old
(attracting) forces become less and new forces increase. Think for
instance of a cumulus cloud in the sky. The cloud slowly grows and grows.
It grows to higher altitudes in the atmosphere. Rising forces succeed over
the gravitational force. Until such altitude is reached that the entropy
ridge is reached. The system 'cloud' surpasses this ridge and the
bifurcation happens: raindrops, snow or even hail are formed. A new
organisation is formed. A new arrangement with other system forces is
formed. The fractal constellation of the 7 E's transformed in a totally
new constellation.
Well, we all have tried to comprehend At's bifurcations. They could go to
two different directions: an emergence, or on immergence. A system in a
higher state of order (of complexity), or a system in a greater disorder.
That means that while passing that ridge of entropy, a new attracting
force is formed, resulting in the higher order (rain or hail, or snow), or
a new rejecting force is created resulting in an 'explosion' of greater
disorder (the cloud probably evaporates). And now comes the difficult
stepping stone in this reasoning: if the 7 E's are in harmony while
approaching the ridge, the conditions are there that this new 'attracting'
force enables a higher organisation form, whereas if one or more of the 7
E's is not in harmony with the rest, for sure this 'attracting' force is
And what is this 'attracting' force? Nothing else than that mysterious 8th
force. Or was the holy grale or holy hand of nature already there, the
holy hand of the harmonising force (or balancing force) during the way up
to the ridge. In other words, is there some harmonising force previous to
the bifurcation, or is there an attracting force (if an emergence) after
the bifurcation.

I think I am not yet ready to pass the ridge.
In another contribution I will write something on geodiversity. But not
only on that.

dr. Leo D. Minnigh
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