Learning organization & financial performance LO28139

From: Mark W. McElroy (mmcelroy@vermontel.net)
Date: 04/02/02

Replying to LO28133 --


Thank you for this. It may be of further interest to followers of this
list to know that a study has just been designed the Research Committee of
the Society for Organizational Learning (SoL) which seeks to examine "the
relationship between the learning organization concept and firms'
financial performance" in great detail. Readers interested in learning
more about this study -- or whose firms may wish to particpate in it --
should feel free to contact me directly about it. I can be reached at
mmcelroy@vermontel.net .


Mark W. McElroy

G. Visser wrote:

>The readers of this list may be interested in this Excerpt of a recent
>research article of Andrea D. Ellinger a.o. on Learning Organizations.
>The article is published in Human Resource Development Quarterly (HRDQ).
>It is about the relationship between the learning organization concept
>& financial performance


"Mark W. McElroy" <mmcelroy@vermontel.net>

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