Definitions Of Systems (What Isn't One?) LO28170

From: D P Dash (
Date: 04/07/02

Replying to LO28163 --

>I invite you to talk about "what is not a system," and "why?"
>I wonder what we'll discover in such a line of thinking?
>John Dicus

Dear JOHN and others following this thread,

Relating to your question respectfully, this is what comes to mind:

For the purpose of discussion:

A system is not action, although action may be involved in its emergence,
maintenance, and use. Systems generally enable or dis-enable actions.

A system is not value, although some value may be involved in its
emergence, maintenance, and use. Some systems may introduce or reorient
some value(s).

A system is not language, although some language(s) may be involved in its
emergence and description. Some systems may even produce (or develop) some

A system is not thinking, although systems can be thought and although
some systems may even think.

A system is not its properties or statements relating its properties.

A system is not the set of constraints that operate among some elements
which (re)produce the system



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