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Date: 04/10/02

Replying to LO28181 --

Benjamin: before getting too far into your argument, I stumbled upon

> Replying to LO28159 --
> Take a self-consistent, ordered system. Let's say mathematics, as an
> example. Here we have a bunch of axioms, and the *purpose* of these axioms
> are to make certain relationships possible such that the system can expand
> and maintain it's self-consistency and order. To that end, every new axiom
> introduced into the system must be congruent existing axioms. So the
> system is designed to allow certain relationships and prevent other
> relationships that would destroy it's self-consistency.
> The point is that *one* of the purposes of an axiom, in mathematics, is to
> govern the evolution (or expansion) of itself in such a way that it
> remains self-consistent and well structured.
> What I draw from this is that purpose is very much connected to
> relationship and to possibility. . .that is, it tends to have a governing
> effect, defining what is acceptable and possible and what is not.

Before we extend this metaphor too broadly, I remind you to consider
axiology in light of Kurt Goedel's (In)Cpmleteness & (In)Consistency
proofs of metalogic that indicate that in any axiology more complex than
first order arithmetic, cannot be demonstrated to be BOTH Consistent AND
Complete. If you can demonstrate Consistency (to which your argument and
metaphor hies), then you can assume INcompleteness (i.e., not ALL truths
in the system will be derived from the axioms); IF you can demonstrate
COMPLETENESS, on the other hand, you can assume the axiology is

This is an analogue to the *truth* that Hiessenberg shared w/classical
physics--K. Goedel's work does the same for metalogic.

Now, where does this *truth* lead your metaphor, and hence, the impetus,
of your argument, here?

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