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From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 04/11/02

Replying to LO28187 --

> Andrew, it will not surprise me if you knew this other dimension of
> perception already for a long time. I think an artist, while working with
> his material, creating something completely new in this world, will become
> a unity without skins and borders. Your soul melts together with the soul
> of your new creation. It must be a strange sensation. But this is again
> the wrong word, because our usual senses are not the instruments to
> register this other universe.
> I know that you are now working on glass. Transparency destroyed; a strong
> word, too strong for a creative activity. I now think that maybe
> unconsciously you are enabling most of us to see with our earthly senses
> perceive of this transparent universe. A universe that possibly is all
> that empty space between the atoms and elementary particles of matter. I
> wonder if you paint with the sun behind the glass, so you see through your
> own colourful sprouting transparency.

Dear Leo,

"This other dimension" -- " a universe that possibly...." "it will not
surprise me..."

Peter Beamish shared this recently with his LO;-)

"When soon we begin, using proven techniques of RBC, to ask humpback
whales et al. about their concepts of Our CareTaker, we will surely find
that they are not those of your concepts above, or possibly even of most
human religious concepts. The truth may be a compromise! Science may soon
"revise" and amalgamate both religions and non religions, hopefully with
the result of a greater peace on Earth.

The kingdom of Our Caretaker is, we believe, in every living cell,
including your "tree" but not including your "stone." This "kingdom"
involves communication (both "Signal Based" SBC and "Rhythm Based" RBC)
and, we believe, that the unconscious mind of "your" tree understands the
"Signal of Sunrise" and the corresponding (RBC) "Diurnal Rhythm." Just as
flowers communicate with birds so also do trees communicate with a host of
living beings, all of which must also understand the diurnal rhythm.

Here is another example of how RBC functions in Nature. If sunrise becomes
"OnTime" (not "on time t"), where Time is orthogonal, cyclical "KitadaTime
KT," and "time" is "conventional time ct or t," then the unconscious
"feeling" within a nesting jay, to leave your tree with a "Lateness
Relative to OnTimeness" (the definition of "Rhythm Based Time" and/or KT,
which is the encoding mechanism of RBC), MAY (at times) be a component of
an RBC message. If the leaving is not in an agreed upon "TimeWindow" of
KT, then such a signal contains only "Information-SBC" and not
"Information-RBC." Can you begin to understand the 21st century (RBC)
logic of the 20th century experimental verification of Nature's
"collective unconscious?" Can you begin to visualize a potential (RBC)
foundation to the "science of paranormal psychology?" Can you understand
how important communications are to knowledge and, how such knowledge can
produce both the "power" of Our CareTaker and the "Power" of Earth's
"Chamber of Evolution?" The former power (using a lower case "p" when
altruistic), is that of the blue jay, derived, we believe, from and
through an omnipotent CareTaker. And now do you understand what we believe
to be a basic foundation (not dogma) of Christianity, that "a part of the
kingdom of heaven is within us?"

Human conceptions of religion seem "cast in stone" (also scripture, deeds,
architectural masterpieces, good luck charms, habits, prayer) as well as,
we believe, in some concepts similar to possible "Religious-Type Thoughts
of Nature." This we do not propose to alter (or in your above word to
"remove"). Your concept of *inner realization,* however, is marvelous. It
is in fact the important medical and religious, moral instruction
(precept) of: "know thyself!" Know your needs, your goals and most
importantly, your biological rhythms. And both know and express your love.

One can easily realize, we believe, much of one's conscious mind and via
"Signal Based Communication" (SBC), including signals (languages et al.),
signs, symbols and sensory communication, we enhance our education,
knowledge and desires. But one cannot, yet, so easily realize much of
one's (vast) unconscious mind and its related, internal, RBC "kingdom of
heaven." Our "awakening" may come in understanding Nature's transduction
processes, from rhythms to signals, from "Information-RBC" to

"Chimo" (Inuit for: "To Your Great Health and Happiness!"), peter
(t=457, T=92, T'=14 hrs, 00 min, 00 sec GMT or 1.1666---pi Earth cycles)"

And this...

"From: peter beamish
Date: Wed Apr 3, 2002 4:30 pm
Subject: Re: Re: Science May Soon Merge With (some) Religions
bornin [time] 1943 wrote:
> Hi, every one, I am new on this list. Is it possible to see the inner
> realization as an experience of the universal self, present in all
> beings? Is it possible merging form and force in oneness, - self?
Hello Ahem! et al.
Welcome to the [time] egroup! The moderator is Dr. Lance Fletcher and a
main intellectual "foundation," from the beginning, has been Dr. Hitoshi
Kitada of the University of Tokyo. Hitoshi's home page, aptly entitled: "Time
-- What is it?" is <http://kims.ms.u-tokyo.ac.jp/> and our Ceta-Research home
page is <http://www.animalcontact.com/research>. "Ceta" is short for
cetacean, as we have been involved with cetacean communication for over fifty
years! And we believe that these amazing animals have given us valuable clues
to answer Hitoshi's question above! Cetacean "Time T" is different than
Einstein's "time t" and so we call it "KitadaTime KT" using closed words and
(one) upper case "T" to show the difference. Time T is bidirectional,
compressible and expandable plus many other unique characteristics. You can
follow developmental discussions by attaching the following file numbers
after the last forward slash (/) in <http://www.egroups.com/message/time/>.
They are: 1384, 1414, 1424, 1541, 1545, 1768, 1774, 1931, 1998, 2127, 2147,
2148, 4830, 4899, 4963, 5048 et al. Or you can use the "Message Index."
Of your two questions above: #1) Yes but very rarely! Hopefully with our
new understanding of "KT," we will learn the "passkeys of transduction," from
the vast "Rhythm Based Information" of one's unconscious, possibly including
every living cell within one's body, to the "Signal Based Information" of
one's Central Nervous System (CNS) or, only a few percent of one's total
knowledge, one's total being. Signal based memory is largely in the molecular
architecture of the memory cortex of Kingdom Animalia and can be physically
dislodged causing amnesia. Rhythm based memory, we believe, is in the protein
chain "uprights" of your RNA/DNA "ladders," which, because of their
compressional and shear "geophysical type" rhythms, store knowledge encoded
in "Perception of Lateness Relative to OnTimeness" (principally the concept
of Synchronization with the systole), or KT. Did you know that your
unconscious mind contains about 200 trillion of such information storage
devices, each of which is a pair of natural, biological clocks? Did you know
that the clock on one such upright can be theoretically slowed relative to
its partner clock, by "geophysical shunting" across the nucleotides? Did you
know that by such a concept, a whale calf at range five miles from its mother
can have a "Rhythm Based Communication" (by "clicking" in pre designed
"TimeWindows") as if it was five inches away, thus creating two forms of real
space, corresponding to the newly discovered two forms of "TIME?" 1)
"Physical Space:" a) depends on "conventional time ct," b) is five miles in
the above example, and c) obeys the Newtonian physics of: displacement =
(mass and/or energy velocity) multiplied by "time ct". [It is the velocity of
sound in water (about 1 mile/second) which causes a calf click to arrive
about 5 seconds Late!]. 2) "RBC Space:" a) depends on "Kitada Time KT," b) is
five inches in above example, and c) depends on the speed of synchronizing
two clocks in the receivers mind. [RBC works both ways so that when separated
Rhythm Based Information, in this case, can pass as if the two animal are
together]. This example is expanded, along with empirical data, in Chapters
1, 3, and 5 of "Dancing With Whales" ISBN 1-895387-28-0 and in "TIME" beyond
"conventional time."
Your final sentence is not understood.
"Chimo" and Namaste, peter (t=458, day of millennium, T=13.0 hrs)"

end of two citations from Time e-list :: mainly Peter Beamish and ideas from
his teamwork.
Leo, let's imagine we are taking a walk. We have sky, fields, hedges and
small streams;-) ...

end of message;-)



Post script: You may know Leo that I am trying to learn about the Koran
and the traditions of the Muslim people. Here is something I learned
today. " A woman barely escaped with her life from some raiders by
galloping off on one of the prophet's own camels. After recounting the
story to him she said : " I vowed to sacrifice the camel to God if he
saved me by her.' the prophet replied, "That is a poor reward, God saved
you by her, and then you want to kill her! Leave the animal alone for
anyhow it is my property; and go home with God's blessing."



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