Universal Flame LO28187

From: Minnigh (minnigh@dds.nl)
Date: 04/09/02

Replying to LO28161 --

Dear Andrew, dear LO' ers,

> We imagine that in our sense perception external reality humbly presents
> itself to us in order to serve us, to help in the building up of our
> integrity. But this is merely the surface of the mystery of knowledge; the
> deeper truth is that when the world reveals itself to us it draws us into
> itself; it causes us to flow outwards into something belonging to it
> everywhere present in it and more perfect than it.

How could I translate the visions and feelings, the 'ceptions' of what I
experienced last thursday. I sense that I have sniffled a universe which
is hidden behind what we usually see. A universe ofwhich I think that
Andrew wrote about, and Teillard and Miriam. A universe that was carefully
opened by my friend S that thursday in the sunny woods in south of
Holland. She disclosed another dimension of the usual perception of our
surroundings and something untouchable flow into my casing, my envelope.
But that is not the right expression, because there was no direction, it
could very well be that my inner spheres became one with the soul of that
majestic pine tree in front of me. A tree full of life, full of running
juices; I felt someting trembling in my legs. For a moment I experienced a
universe without skins and borders, a sort of all encompassing fluid. Is
that the fluidum?

Other words that tell probably the same as the words of Teillard. Thanks
to S that I think to know what Andrew's message contained.

Andrew, it will not surprise me if you knew this other dimension of
perception already for a long time. I think an artist, while working with
his material, creating something completely new in this world, will become
a unity without skinns and borders. Your soul melts together with the soul
of your new creation. It must be a strange sensation. But this is again
the wrong word, because our usual senses are not the instruments to
register this other universe.

I know that you are now working on glass. Transparency destroyed; a strong
word, too strong for a creative activity. I now think that maybe
unconsciously you are enabling most of us to see with our earthly senses
perceive of this transparent universe. A universe that possibly is all
that empty space between the atoms and elementary particles of matter. I
wonder if you paint with the sun behind the glass, so you see through your
own colourful sprouting transparency.

Leo Minnigh


Minnigh <minnigh@dds.nl>

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