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Date: 04/13/02

Replying to LO28225 --

>Dear LO,

>At de Lange asks,

>>I wonder if anyone can say it more powerful?

>Ask any child!



Today I watched as a nearly blind girl threaded herself through the eye of
a twenty first century needle in her electrical wheelchair. Yesterday I
sent an angel (Novus Angelicus) away with Confucius under her wings. She
left for me the beautiful perfume of some butterflies, ((flutter-byes;-)
Leo;-) and inside the leaves the Master asks, should I have studied
archery of charioteering? As is obvious to those who know him well, Andrew
chose charioteering;-) but he does not claim mastery or Mastery. Now the
perfume of the girl led me by way of insubstantial perfume to posit an

Andrew's Idea;-)

This community is becoming self aware. I see the work of a thousand lives of
five continents in many of the questions here at the moment: I want to make a
bridge to a quantum leap ( how's that for a mixed metaphor) I want to save
some time (absurd) so, without further ado and somewhat spontaneously::
We are a world encompassing community, those of us who have open and loving
access to children, say under ten years old, ask them quite simply two
questions, What do you think is most wrong with the world? and, What one
thing do we need to do as grown ups;-) to start putting it right?
If this community can publish one hundred responses I undertake to co-create
one hundred pictures as responses and answers. We can create a space for
those questions and answers in a joining up kinda;-) way. We can start
working on those questions, maybe later and going back to ask them how we are
doing;-) and heed their advice. In this way we can start some lifework for
them, they can pick it up as, when and where we leave off though choice or
I think it's fair to say we have greatly contributed to the systemic
problems, and if not maybe we could learn to grow in the taking of the
responsibility on behalf of those who did and still wish to shirk from it.
I must confess;-) I used to be very worried about certain aspects of my own
personality. But now it seems both St.Francis and St. Paul just like the
Islamic Prophet Muhammed were prone to applying some less than subtle
psychological;-) pressures to those with a lessening faith.
By the way, if we have any agents however senior or junior of the big five
accounting and auditing firms reading who'd like to convert some of their
'creative (sic) accounting' and 'auditing' skills into some
creative-collapsing skills and are afraid...don't be, you can write off
line;-) The children are waiting, I know, I have seen them;-) some are
actually here and with us today.

Love foolishly and wisely,

Andrew Campbell


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