The Eagle and the Desert Wolf LO28276

Date: 04/22/02

Replying to LO28271 --

>I wish I had the great OED here in my office or at home, perhaps on CD. I
>cannot run every time I want to make sure exactly when a word came into
>usage as well as its frequency because only the great OED gives that
>documentation. That is why the OED volumes stand a rack full as wide as my
>two arms can stretch. And once I open the OED, I get caught for many hours
>rather than finding out what I wanted to know and get back to my office

>With tongue in the cheek:- Next time, when I suspect that you will get
>involved with a topic in which I had to use dictionaries, I will consult
>the very great OED. You might then feel impotent, experiencing what the
>complexity of the OED does to you ;-)

They say (with my tongue in my cheek) that 'a picture is worth a thousand
words.' The OUP always sought to be entrepreneurial, so you can get the
OED in micro form, but they supplied a magnifying glass to go with it.
That was in the seventies.

They also produced a Dictionary with images, The Oxford Illustrated
Dictionary. it was based on the Concise Oxford Dictionary and it was
initially researched prior to the second world war. If ever you get a
chance to handle a copy of the second edition published in 1975 ISBN 0 19
861118 8 go to the Publishers Notes (September 1974) page and then skip;-)
to page 589 ;-) you will find a certain 'curtain in the breeze';-)

The commissioning editor was Dorothy Eagle, she sent me a complimentary
copy when the book was finally published, in it she wrote in a personal
note to me, " ~ Look to your laurels Bridget Riley. " Bridget is now a
Dame and a very great Lady of the British art world and especially in
Op-Art , and I, well I ended up here;-) Sometimes I look over my shoulder
;-) and I see/hear/read, "When David Hockney, for example, came across
Wholeness and the Implicate Order he found that Bohm's ideas translated
directly into his own visual language. And so a dialogue between "art and
science" continues, not so much via formal channels but through chance
meetings and the fortuitous encounter of different ideas. Likewise Anthony
Gormley's discussions with Basil Hiley on Bohm's notion of pre-space have
inspired the sculptor to attempt new work." I begin to appreciate just how
loopy (Varela) life can become for the artist.

Some 'loops' take a long time to join up don't they At.

Love for the many 'commissions' that you have put my way as a fellow
artist of the deep creativity in wholeness;-)



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