The Eagle and the Desert Wolf LO28310

From: AM de Lange (
Date: 04/25/02

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Dear Organlearners,

Andrew Campbell < > writes:

>They say (with my tongue in my cheek) that
>'a picture is worth a thousand words.' The OUP
>always sought to be entrepreneurial, so you can
>get the OED in micro form, but they supplied a
>magnifying glass to go with it. That was in the seventies.

Greetings dear Andrew,

I would love to take this OED in micro form once in my hands.

Wheras "a picture is worth a thousand words", "one exprience is worth a
thousand pictures".

>I begin to appreciate just how loopy (Varela)
>life can become for the artist.
>Some 'loops' take a long time to join up don't they At.

Yes Andrew. Do you realise that should you go with me to any of our
deserts to roam for a day in that desert and do not complete the loop back
to our vehicle where you will find food and water, you will die some time
after me. Otherwise you will have to use your creativity and imagination
as never before to stay alive.

>Love for the many 'commissions' that you have
>put my way as a fellow artist of the deep creativity
>in wholeness;-)

Thank you Andrew. Yes, "deep creativity" and "desert exploring" go hand in
hand. It may be phsyical deserts, but the same applies to spiritual

With care and best wishes


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