Simply two complex for words LO28273

Date: 04/21/02

Replying to LO28237 --

Dear LO,

Fred and At on Complications to Complexity

> >That I do not mind because I myself have found that
> >complexity is most intimidating. Should we not be aware of this
> >intimidation and find ways to overcome it, we will become victims rather
> >than masters of complexity.
> I'm curious, At. I don't find complexity at all intimidating; instead,
> for reasons I am about to spell out, I find it demanding and sometimes
> tedious but not intimidating. Could you say some more about why you see
> complexity as intimidating?

And then Fred again
> I do not try to deal with anything in all its complexity; it's too much, it's
> overwhelming.

I humbly think -- reading this -- that At embraces complexity while Fred
avoids it. Well, I think they'd call that a 'wrap' ;-)



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