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From: Fred Nickols (
Date: 04/23/02

In LO28273, Andrew writes:

>Fred and At on Complications to Complexity
> > >That I do not mind because I myself have found that
> > >complexity is most intimidating. Should we not be aware of this
> > >intimidation and find ways to overcome it, we will become victims rather
> > >than masters of complexity.
> >
> > I'm curious, At. I don't find complexity at all intimidating; instead,
> > for reasons I am about to spell out, I find it demanding and sometimes
> > tedious but not intimidating. Could you say some more about why you see
> > complexity as intimidating?
>And then Fred again
> > I do not try to deal with anything in all its complexity; it's too
> > much, it's overwhelming.
>I humbly think -- reading this -- that At embraces complexity while Fred
>avoids it. Well, I think they'd call that a 'wrap' ;-)


In response to your statement about me avoiding complexity, I was at first
inclined to agree with you but, upon a moment's reflection, decided that
that's not really the case. I can no more avoid complexity than I can
avoid sunrise and sunset or the economy or my neighbors or that piece of
machinery in my garage called a rider mower. Complexity is all around me.
I can't avoid it. I have to deal with it. So far as I can tell, so does
everyone else. I don't know if At "embraces" complexity or not; I suspect
he does. At strikes me as someone who strives to understand just about
everything in deeply knowing ways. Me? I've been content to develop a
workable, workmanlike knowledge in just three areas: people, organizations
and systems. All three fascinate me, all three have been central to my
life at work and all three have been critical components of my career
(and, yes, I'm drawing a distinction between "life at work" and "career").

So, no, I don't embrace complexity; neither do I gleefully dive into it
and or swim (or wallow around) in it. I try to get that slippery,
amorphous, boundaryless beast into a box as quickly as I can and get on
with the task at hand.

Why "confusedly"?


Fred Nickols
"Assistance at A Distance"


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