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Date: 04/24/02

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Fred Nickols wrote among many stories

> My "counseling" session with my "teacher" left me stunned, shamed,
> saddened, and more than a little angry.

In my college days, I had many friends in Architecture Department, one of
the best and toughest in this country. They experienced the same kind of
frustrations from their teachers. They were humiliated. Years later I
teached part time in this graduate school of architecture and I realized
most students are quite weak in quantitative methods. So I tried a
differnt approach and most students told me that they "learned" a lot.

This year we read The Art of Possibility by R. S. Zander and Ben Zander
(Harvard Business School Press, 2000) and we realized there are a
"practice" called " Giving An A" and other related practices. I think many
friends in this list might like to try this good book to help them to
transform their professional and personal life.

Hanching Chung


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