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From: AM de Lange (amdelange@postino.up.ac.za)
Date: 04/29/02

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Dear Organlearners,

DP Dash < D_P_Dash%XIMB@nts2.ximb.ac.in > writes:

>This is an excerpt from an article written by Prof.
>dr. Gerard de Zeeuw (more information on his work
>at: http://www.cict.demon.co.uk/) This is unpublished
>and came as a personal communication.
>Notes on Creative Problem Solving (Gerard de Zeeuw,
>unpublished, not to be quoted)

Greetings dear DP,

Thank you for doing what you should not have done, "quoting the notes" ;-)
It helps me to see the problem even better. The manager relies on what
already has been created in managerial science to solve the problem of a
declining organisation rather than to create a novel solution, using
existing managerial science where possible.

I remember that in a private conversation with me that he said every
organisational problem can be solved by efficient management. Had he said
"creative management", I would probably not have become so disturbed
during the seminar when he added hard work and perseverance as extra
qualifications to efficient management.

I can add that the project in the organisation which I with others as a
team are working upon, requires much creativity from us. Fortunately, we
as a team have almost a free hand in using our creativity best. It almost
seems to be contradictory, allowing little creativity for the whole
organisation, but much creativity for the group involved by the project.

With care and best wishes,


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