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Date: 04/29/02

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Dear Organlearners,

Ray Harrell <> writes:

>Performing Artists are translators, recreators of the
>values arrived at in the creation of the compositional
>Master. They take the work from a time and place
>in history and translate its values and intentionality into
>the language of the present time and place where the
>performance takes place. But you know this already.
> I'm not sure why I'm saying it.

Greetings dear Ray,

Perhaps you just had to create this beautful little piece which I quoted.

It makes me think of many things. One of them is that I believe in a
Creator (the original Master) who had begun with Creation and is still
keeping up with it. When I am doing natural science (in contrast to
cultural science), I view my work very much in the sense you have
described above. I try to translate in human terms what humans never

I write "and is still keeping up with it" because I firmly believe that
the laws of nature cannot do their job without the Creator. It is when I
am alone in a desert that I perceive this "and is still keeping up with
it" best.

With care and best wishes,


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