Learning Organization vs. Organizational Learning LO28351

From: Glebe Stcherbina (gstc3416@mail.usyd.edu.au)
Date: 04/30/02

Replying to LO28342 --

Dear Rick and fellow OrgLearners,

In response to your request, I have defined OL and this may be found on
posting LO28265. However, in respect to your point regarding a narrowly
focused "training" initiative, I believe that the initiative may help in
some instances with facilitating organizational learning. As a former
University academic and currently as a Learning & Development Consultant I
found that Adult training can help build a learning capacity in the
individual which sometimes can cascade into team learning and then
eventually into the organization as a whole. I have attached a diagram
(taken from my current Doctorate research) which showcases this cascading
effect. I hope you find it of some interest.

Also ANTA (Australian National Training Authority) has funded some
workplace learning/training initiatives which I would like to share with
others. You may find the following site relating to Communities of
Practice and Work based Learning also of some interest. I am unsure if the
available publications are available for overseas distribution. There
maybe a cost as well but some publications are downloadable. The site is:


Thank you and may the (knowledge) force be with you.

Kind regards,
Glebe Stcherbina
Sydney Australia

Richard Karash wrote:

> When we approach a situation from an organizational learning point of
> view, that means we would employ the tools of this field (emphasis on
> building capacity rather than on selection of individuals with a skill,
> emphasis on internal motivations, helping each person become more clear
> about what they want, shared visioning, personal refelction, group
> reflection, and systems thinking).
> A narrowly focused "training" initiative would violate several of the
> element of the organizational learning approach. In precise speech, we
> would not call it an "organizational learning" initiative.


Glebe Stcherbina <gstc3416@mail.usyd.edu.au>

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