Basic Questions about LO LO28370

Date: 05/01/02

hi im nathan and im currently studying in university. im wondering if you
could possibly help me and email me back relevant information i need and
would find useful to help me with my coursework.

can you please tell me what the main differences are between a learning
and a normal/traditional organisation?

could you please send me a formal definition of a learning organisation?

information/pictures on the structure of the learning organisation.

Information about the tasks and roles within the learning organisation.

Control and information within the learning organisation i.e. how are the
employees controlled?

the strategy of a learning organisation.

leadership within the learning organisation.

the culture of the organisation.

also it would be helpful if you could identify for me the 5 basic
component technologies which distinguish learning organisations from the
more traditional organisations.

thanks a lot, any information would be appreciated as i am well and truly
stuck! please send it back a.s.a.p!!



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