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From: Glebe Stcherbina (
Date: 05/02/02

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Dear Nath,

Thank you for your post. You have asked a number of questions which may
not be able to be answered in a very short time frame. May I suggest that
if you check the archives of this List there are a number of posts which
are clustered and are easily identified through a subject label. Your
answers to your questions may be found by going through some of the
replies. Other Org Learners may have a ready recknor of responses.

The Literature has a divergent range of views on the definition of the
Learning Organization and a search of Google will reveal over 1,000,000 +
references to your queries. However, peter Senge (1990) "The Fifth
Discipline" and Chris Argyris (1992) "On Organizational Learning" are good
starting points.

Best wishes.
Glebe wrote:

> hi im nathan and im currently studying in university. im wondering if you
> could possibly help me and email me back relevant information i need and
> would find useful to help me with my coursework.


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