Beware of strange email msgs LO28373

From: Richard Karash (
Date: 05/01/02

Replying to LO28140 --

Another variant of the virus... Appears in a message claiming to be a
virus solution... Sorry to be harping on this, but this one is extremely
dangerous because you might receive virus-laden msgs which _appear_ to
have come from me or someone else you trust.

Here's the msg I received today... I believe the msg is completely bogus
and that it carried the virus, not a solution. Fortunately, the outbound
mail system was screening for viruses and eliminated it before sending.

The "NOTE" in the message is a thinly disguised attempt at hiding the
virus itself.

>Subject: Worm Klez.E immunity
>Date: Wed, 1 May 2002 16:16:32 -0400
>Content-Type: text/html;
>Klez.E is the most common world-wide spreading worm.It's very
>dangerous by corrupting your files.
>Because of its very smart stealth and anti-anti-virus technic,most
>common AV software can't detect or clean it.
>We developed this free immunity tool to defeat the malicious virus.
>You only need to run this tool once,and then Klez will never come
>into your PC.
>NOTE: Because this tool acts as a fake Klez to fool the real
>worm,some AV monitor maybe cry when you run it.
>If so,Ignore the warning,and select 'continue'.
>If you have any question,please mail to me.

I recently wrote in part:

>Here is information on the virus I'm worried about right now:
>That page includes this warning: "Because this worm does use a randomly
>chosen address that it finds on an infected computer as the "From:"
>address, numerous cases have been reported in which users of uninfected
>computers receive complaints that they have sent an infected message to
>someone else."
>I recommend:
> - Do use a virus protection program and keep it up to date
> - Do not use Outlook (This virus propagates even from the preview window!)
> - Do not double click attachments unless you have virus-checked them first
> - Do not open messages that look suspicious



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