Beware of strange email msgs LO28374

From: Steven D. Yenco (
Date: 05/01/02

Replying to LO28373 --

I'm sure we're all tired of dealing with and hearing about this one but...

Rick recommendations are right on target. In my case, though, Outlook IS
my email software and disuse isn't an option for the moment.

Within the last week, I've received 10 emails attempting to insert this
worm into my system. Each time, the worm was embedded within the message
body in the form of ASCII gibberish.

Symantec's Norton Anti-Virus is my virus detection software.
Fortunately, my AV picked up every single attempt and deleted it before it
became an issue.

Here are 3 specific steps I've taken with the product I use. I have to
believe the same options are available with other antivirus products.

1) Set my antivirus software to start automatically and to screen all
incoming email (I have multiple sources and addresses) as it arrives -
attachments, headers, body.

2) Activated an auto-tasked schedule to check on "live updates" for virus
definitions every evening at 8pm.

3) Downloaded the KLEZ.E fix from Symantec and keep both a copy on my hard
drive and on a floppy -- just in case.

Rudimentary? You bet -- but so are consistent backups! ;)

Take care!

Steve Yenco
basyc systems


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