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Date: 05/03/02

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Dear Organlearners,

Linda Ortberg < > writes:

>What system gives us this team learning aspect
>not given by Macrohard. Does one exist on the
>commercial market place for us to purchase. I
>am in no way a computer expert. At best I know
>enough to be dangerous and to follow the concept
>you explained in your post to Rick.

Greetings dear Linda,

This is how I see it -- others will know far better than me because I am
not a computer expert.

It is with computer pathogens like with sin. They came into this world by
attacks designed on one operating system. Now enough people know how to
design them for any kind of operating system. So the solution cannot be
found by seeking for a sinless operating system.

Our first line of defense is Team Learning "in the LO Spirit" as you

Your second line of defense is to buy yourself an excellent anti- virus
software like Norton's. It has to be updated first of all things whenever
you surf the internet. Your computer might get infected by a new virus or
a modification of an old one since the last update.

Your third line of defense is to live computerwise a clean life. Do not
let any file get into your computer unless you are very, very sure that it
comes from another clean computer. Even email messages are files and
attachments to them are also files. I delete all unfamilar email messages.
I also do not open any attachment to even a familiar email message, unless
it has the extension ".txt"

My own fourth line of defense is to avoid using Macrohard's applications.
Unfortunately, I have to use its operating system because I am, afterall,
working for an organisation using it. I also have to use its internet
software because that is what our organisation support. I can use another
brand of internet software, but then I will have to support and service it
self. I do not have the money or time for that.

With care and best wishes


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