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From: AM de Lange (
Date: 05/03/02

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Dear Organlearners,

Judy Tal <> writes:

>Probably my suggestion was Foolish

Greetings dear Judy,

You made me do it again -- looking up the etymology of fool. It comes from
the Latin "follis" which means windbag. If anyone in our LO-dialogue is a
windbag, then it is me since I write the most.

>Our beliefs are located very deep inside our-Selfs,
>discussing them involves intimacy. If it's real (like
>you said, At - Sweat and Tears) the defensive
>mechanism of our existence has difficulties in
>confronting anything that bears the term "other".
>Otherness, At, is always a hard task to perform -
>it confronts acceptance (Love) with challenge

You had me thinking very deep. For a long time I thought that Conversion
stand between humans and Love. But as I began to understand emergences
better, both Conversion and Love are emergent phenomena. Thus, although
different, they have much in common.

> I'll thus, withdraw my request and keep up
> with the searching.

That is fine with me. Many fellow learners practice different religions
while some are atheists. This reflects otherness. This otherness is
essential to creativity and all which emerge from it, even learning and
believing. Take otherness away and our creativity becomes nothing so that
we become programmable robots. At last we end up with rote mental
behaviour, the worst kind of thing for me.

With care and best wishes


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