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From: Judy Tal (
Date: 05/08/02

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Dear AC, Dear LO,

What a lovely subject !!!

I wonder how many know about the research conducted by Prof. Amotz Zahavi,
and his team. The research took place in the Negev desert and it still
goes on. They carefully observe and keep documentation on the behaviour of
"herds", "flights", "teams", "groups" (you name it :-)) of certain

In his book "The Handicap Principle - A Missing Piece of Darwin's Puzzle",
published in 1997 by Oxford University Press, Zahavi offers a paradigm
shift that came to his mind from watching various forms of communication
in nature. He gives IMHO an evolutionary explanation to altruistic
behaviour by demonstrating that when one animal assumes a risk or endures
a sacrifice that serves the benefit of the group it increases it's own
prestige and status within the group.

This doesn't answer your questions Andrew:
> What is the place for altruism
> in leadership at all levels of all organizations? What is our personal
> experience of altruism at work? How powerful is it in the lexicon?

... just the first thing that came to my mind,



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