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From: Barry Mallis (
Date: 05/09/02

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Dear Andrew,

> when will be the next time you do something where
> you KNEW that the person would EVER know it was you?

Does it become the question of knowing? Ever really knowing?

Robert Frost, misanthrope that he was, wrote, "We travel through life,
almost alone."

Are there moments of knowing the otherness of the other? I think so. The
babe after some months begins to differentiate between what is her body
and the non-body (HER non-body?)

If this is all we have to go on--what we sense--then so be it. Yes, levels
of knowing. Yes. I listen to Satie's piano chords and discern one thing.
Do we know one another if we both sense, express, then delightfully
compare our synchronous images? I don't know;-), but I do.

What would you think if you walked by a window in center Cambridge and saw
a painting which looked for all the world like one you had
created/generated two months ago? Do you know this artist?

Rumi wrote that "free will exists so free will can be given up freely.
Such a person feels no genuine delight if he or she is not drained empty.
With all the delicious food and drink in the world, true pleasure comes
only with the extinction of pleasure with its replacement by soul

Does knowledge exist so that knowledge can be given up knowingly?

To answer your question, the next time I know that a person will know it
was I will come in a few minutes when I take my love in my arms and kiss
her. She will know that the unexpected as soul delight.




Barry Mallis <>

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