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From: Glebe Stcherbina (
Date: 05/09/02

Replying to LO28447 --

Dear Andrew and fellow OrgLearners,

In answer to your question, I know of the last time and the next time. As
a regular blood donor (only about 4% of the Australian population donate
blood free of charge) I never think who may receive my blood donation
because once given, the blood is no longer mine to worry about. However,
the blood I give may go to someone who may do something great in their
lives which may help others to lead to a better life. Or the blood may go
to someone who makes little or no contribution to improving the life
others. That is what makes the world go around, I suppose.

Taking de-thinking one step further, the knowledge and views that we share
through this Org List may not only help ourselves but others who benefit
by just "looking in". The fact that you or I have "donated" something
which is intangibly important to ourselves, may be very important to
someone else. However, I will never know who that person is but I do know
through our Learning Community, others will benefit. Take for example
WelshBoy Natham LO28370, he asked for some information on the Learning
Organization. We provided that information to him. We know it was him who
benefited from our responses, but what we do not know, who he passed on
the information to, and how they would benefit by it. However, that is not
my concern but what is my hope, is what goes around may come around. That
is, whatever is shared by us as a learning group, is one day "re-packaged"
by those "unknown beneficiaries" in such a way that it would help others
to advance their own understanding of issues and problems.

If not, that is life because as altruists, we share not for the sake of
sharing but in a belief that our sharing helps others in whatever way
possible. How large or however small.

May the knowledge force be you you.

Kind regards,
Glebe Stcherbina
Sydney, Australia wrote:

> > I am de-thinking...when was the last time I did something for another
> > person where I knew that the person would NEVER know it was I?
> And I am de-thinking, - when will be the next time you do something where
> you KNEW that the person would EVER know it was you?


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