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From: AM de Lange (amdelange@postino.up.ac.za)
Date: 05/13/02

Replying to LO28431 --

Dear Organlearners,

From: Jan Lelie <janlelie@wxs.nl> writes:

>Thank you for seeing an i in me. I've dropped writing
>I because i do not see myself as I. Writing I seems to
>me to impy that I is more important then you, he, she, it,
>we, you and they. And indeed didn't note that i is also
>the square root of -1, the door to the complex numbers.

Greetings dear Jan,

Thank you for your beautiful explanation, the best ever i have seen on
writing "i" rather than "I". It finally convinced me to use self the "i".

With care and best wishes


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