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From: AM de Lange (amdelange@postino.up.ac.za)
Date: 05/14/02

Replying to LO28465 --

Dear Organlearners,

Alan Cotterell <acotrel@cnl.com.au> writes:

>I suspect wisdom is the ability to know when to
>keep one's opinions to one's self. I certainly don't
>have it.

Greetings dear Alan,

Not with my five children, now grown-ups themselves. When i keep my
opinions to myself, they often get mad at me. When they ask me for my
opinions and i give it to them, they often get mad at me. When i tell them
my own opinion, they often get mad at me. When i reflect to them their own
opinions (after careful observation), they often get mad at me. I must be
the most unwise father possible.

>The whole thing seems to depend on values.

Perhaps you are right because i see it differently. For me wisdom depends
on respect for creativity. My dear wife and i tried to guide our children
to think creatively -- now it is back firing upon us, especially me.
Andrew Cambell has met two of them as well as my grand daughter. He is in
a better position to observe where my guidance went wrong.

Anyway, you are right because creativity has value while respect
for creativity is a value.

With care and wisdom


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