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Date: 05/16/02

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"...wonder, to what extent 'organizational theory' which is somehow
applied to business solutions (sic;-) via consultancies et al is actually
being generated and to some extent authorised if not actually authored by
the editorial staff of the big publishing houses? Is it at all possible to
discover, uncover a 'guiding hand' in the great publishing houses, where
suites of interlinking and mutually supporting titles are disgorged at
regular intervals creating a spiralling of inter-est."

In the areas where I provide facilitation/training/consultation, I do not
sense regurgitation. Synthesis is more the order of the day.

Nonetheless, I have often asked myself how many ways there are to skin a
cat. Facing a decision about an opportunity, for instance, which must be
taken in an inordinate timeframe (outside the organization's typical
planning cycle), can an organization use a finite number of methods by
which to slice and dice our considerations? Will we reach saturation? Is
the chessboard only 8 by 8 squares of possibilities (surely a lot), or
does the game go beyond?

And you intrigue me about Fine Arts. Tell me more.




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