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Date: 05/17/02

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Dear Organlearners,

Barry Mallis <> writes:

>Nonetheless, I have often asked myself how many
>ways there are to skin a cat. Facing a decision about
>an opportunity, for instance, which must be taken in
>an inordinate timeframe (outside the organization's
>typical planning cycle), can an organization use a finite
>number of methods by which to slice and dice our
>considerations? Will we reach saturation? Is the
>chessboard only 8 by 8 squares of possibilities (surely
>a lot), or does the game go beyond?

Greetings dear Barry,

The above may be mystic thoughts to some, but for me they make pretty good
sense. Chess-mate and then another round?

I am going to answer you with a one liner:-

The game stops when the paw-paw strikes the fan.

(A paw-paw is a big, soft, tasty tropic fruit. It can be pressed into a
pulp with bare hands. Using it sounds much better than using that four
letter word.)

With care and best wishes


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