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From: Heidi and Dan Chay (
Date: 05/16/02

Replying to LO28499 --

Andrew wrote:

"...wonder, to what extent 'organizational theory' which is somehow
applied to business solutions (sic;-) via consultancies et al is
actually being generated and to some extent authorised if not actually
authored by the editorial staff of the big publishing houses? Is it at
all possible to discover, uncover a 'guiding hand' in the great
publishing houses, where suites of interlinking and mutually supporting
titles are disgorged at regular intervals creating a spiralling of

Adam Smith's "guiding hand?"

I think so. Not conspiracy, but more a vortex of systemic drivers
resulting in a gravity well of behavior that results in most of us finding
ourselves just sucked into the self-reinforcing growth and throughput
dynamics of capitalist entropy production. Hear that giant sucking sound?
As you observe, it originates from more than just NAFTA.

The capitalist world challenge as it partly looks to me: How to grow down
in our collective energy consumption habits, and grow better in quality of
enterprise? -- "Grow down, grow better."

It now is warm enough here in Kenai, Alaska, that i was able comfortably
to spend part of this sunny day digging in the LOam with my hands,
preparing the soil for new green things to grow outside that i can care
for, while occasionally LOitering to listen to the birds. Thanks At.

Grins and best wishes,

Dan Chay


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