Why Training and Consultancy still do not work? LO28536

From: Barry Mallis (theorgtrainer@earthlink.net)
Date: 05/17/02

Replying to LO28524 --

What an ecstatic topic, Andrew!!

Here's one tidbit, one point of view:

I provide programs which contain tools for participants to take back and
deploy in their organizations.

There are two barriers to such deployment, one external and the other

The external is my own problem. I have a difficult time with follow-up
delivered in such a way as to prompt, even threaten, the participant to
USE what has been learned, to apply it and make it a skill. I offer
follow-up, but the intelligent participant demurs. And they even keep
coming back (that is, others from the same organization) but still the
deployment remains weak. Even when I'm assured that the training is not
meant to fulfill a metric for training, but rather meant to have a lasting
organizational effect.

The internal problem is related to the above. Simply put, organizational
culture is very hard to change. People worship Stasis as though it were a
demiurge whose granite likeness filling every niche in the organizational
chapel. Oh, yes, there are surely those who drive change. Change does
occur. But the INTEGRATION of NEWLY LEARNED ideas from the outside proves
a difficult task compared with the care and feeding of hatchlings from




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