Why Training and Consultancy still do not work? LO28524

From: Andrew Wong (360qcom@360q.com)
Date: 05/16/02

Replying to LO28512 --

I received enquiries from individuals on

"Learning to Produce Business Results at the WorkPlace -
(Why Training and Consultancy still do not work?)"

An article at my webpage http://www.360q.com meant for Community of
QuaSyLaTic members.

The artilce is also available at


The background of the article ...

I work in a large corporation, hence a recipient of many training and
consultancy programs. As an insider and a keen organisation observer and
systems thinker, I am in touch with the "real world" (usually at corridors
or coffer corners) before, during and after the training and consultancy

For the past years, I worked as a management trainer and learning
facilitator, mindful of the "real world" out there. Carrying out research,
experimentation, I design learning programs at workplace and I make
observation and reflection of their effects on people and workplace
environment. Many of my own learning are posted at http://www.360q.com,
hence my own reflection corner and knowledge depository system.

I am keen to hear from the Community of LO your views on the above
subject. The theme suggests the premise that training and consultancy does
not produce the intended organisation goals in most cases. Maybe your have
differenct views and experiences.


QuaSyLaTic, Andrew,
QuaSyLaTic Knowledgebase


"Andrew Wong" <360qcom@360q.com>

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