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Date: 05/17/02

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You wrote that...

> Energy cannot be measured by a single instrument. Two different
> instruments have to be used. For example, in the case of pneumatical
> energy we have to use a pressure meter and a volume meter. Say the
> pressure meter register a value P and the volume meter a value V. We then
> calculate the product PxV to get the pneumatical energy. In other words,
> two different kinds of measurements as well as one calculation is needed
> to get the value of pneumatical energy. Herein does the theoretical nature
> of energy creeps into our perception of it.

I was sitting at dinner with an acquaintance about 15 years ago, an
Englishman who heals people with his energies, and can do so from afar.
Although I have never undergone any of his treatment myself, I will relate
what I saw at that dinner.

He showed us pictures taken in London by means of Kirlian photography of
his hands before, during and after he treated one of his "clients." The
images were extraordinary. In sequence: a soft glow; a brilliant
flash/aura; an almost black plate.

Energy, as you say, cannot be measured by a single instrument. Something
else surely crept into my Western Scientific perception of it. Ah, the
stories I can tell.




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