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From: Heidi and Dan Chay (
Date: 05/18/02

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Thank you, At for this post on energy and entropy. I hunger for these
because I have not quite internalized what I have been learning along
these lines, to my satisfaction. I feel close intuitively, but sometimes
when I try to explain to Heidi or others, I trip.

In reading your post, it was another small break-through to not think of
entropy as theory, but as a quantity, a calculated-measurements merely a
step more complex than measurements alone.

I wonder, how many different kinds of energy can we measure?

** Pneumatical energy:
P(pressure, intensive) x V (volume, extensive)

** Mechanical energy:
F(force, intensive) x L (length, extensive)
Force = mass x acceleration...But aren't both mass and acceleration

** Electrical energy:

E(electromotive force, voltage, intensive) x I (current, extensive)
Current = amperage x time...These are both extensive?

** Electric Field energy

V (average potential difference, intensive) x Q (total charge,

** Chemical energy:
C (catalytic force, intensive) x R (reagent, extensive) ???
A (analyte, intensive?) x R (reagent, extensive) ???

** Ionization energy:
E (electrical force, intensive) x ? (ionization action, extensive)??

** Nuclear Binding energy
MeV/nucleon (total nuclear binding force, intensive) x ? N ( number of
nucleons, extensive) ???

** Potential energy:
PE = w ( weight force (g, gravity x m, mass), intensive?) x h (height,
extensive) ?

What others? How about forms of energy that I could relate to my
business-oriented friends?

How would we measure organizational and/or spiritual energies, I wonder?
As a sum of different kinds of energies? And free energy, too?




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