New Social Theory interactive site! LO28545

From: Rick Parkany (
Date: 05/18/02

Folks: this is perhaps both the funniest and most useful site I've seen,
yet, for social thoeretic research and inquiry... ;-} rap.

HERE is the REF:
Social site for fans of popular culture:
Developed by David Gauntlett at University of Leeds - Institute of
Communications Studies - please email comments [ 38,000 visitors per
month (in March 2002) ]

BTW: perhaps you've sen this site before, but an insightful, and, himself,
quite a funny, wild & crazy gUy, a correspondent this list, just shared
this w/few of us fellow thinkers this morning, and it's my first
viewing--I'm playin' on th' floor right now, Holdin' th' *Foucault Playing
Card* and planning a verbal assault in the card game they give ya, just
fer visitin'.

thanQ! Mark...nce seein' ya last night! ;-} rap.


"Dein Wachstum sei feste und lache vor Lust! Deines Herzens Trefflichkeit Hat dir selbst das Feld bereit', Auf dem du bluehen musst." JS Bach: Bauern Kantata

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