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From: Judy Tal (
Date: 05/18/02

Replying to LO28534 --

Dear Jan, Leo, virtual participants in the LO-meeting, Dear colleagues,

Allow me again to express appreciation and gratitude to those who took
part in this interesting LO-meeting, and those who wanted to attend but
couldn't make it at that point in space-time.

Thanks Leo and Jan for taking care: invitation, transportation, food &
beverage, location, hosting, software, hardware, thought-ware,
information, knowledge, etc ... Most of all thank you for the heart-ware

My experience, that which i'd like to share with the LO-list, bears the
structure of a jig-saw puzzle due to the roles i undertook, the context of
the meeting and other factors that defined 'me' then and there.

When i read again the 'ideas' (building stones/elements) that were the
subjects of this meeting (letter-strings provided by all participants) a
sense of deja-vu strikes on me: questions that kept running in my mind
(background) during and after the meeting ... questions not yet answered,
are still preventing me from seeing.

Who are 'we'?
How am i connected to 'we'?
What am i in 'we'?

There's a piece of information, known only to Leo, Jan and myself:

When we started to work on clustering the ideas on "What do YOU expect
from a LO?", for a while we could find no connection between any pair of
ideas (there were 18 of them, as you can self see or count, and when i
speak for myself - two were 'mine'). Later, with some effort, and
discussions we ended up with 9 clusters (an approximate matching :-). And
what did 'we' vote then ...

Improve ...
Improve ...
Improve ...
(each and every got 3 points!)

Thus i can conclude the following:
All 'we' want from an LO is to improve.
complex, but very rewarding task for us all.

Keep the good work,



Judy Tal <>

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