Why is a leader necessary? LO28561

From: John Zavacki (systhinc@msn.com)
Date: 05/20/02

Replying to LO28552 --

A lovely challenge, Rol!! Each is necessary in many roles, in many ways.
The accountant may be accountant and leader or one of many other roles we
fall into as the need arises.......confessor, lover, leader, joker, wise
old man......

Too much we quantify, too little we quantify. Too much we think, to
little we think. And feel. And wonder.

John F. Zavacki
  "People are entitled to joy in their work and a sense of ownership."
W. Edwards Deming

> Or, why is anyone necessary? Why is an accountant necessary? Why is an
> artist necessary? Why is a pianist necessary? Teacher? What is the
> difference between any of these and a leader that makes this an intriguing
> question?


"John Zavacki" <systhinc@msn.com>

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