Self Management = efficiency and Success? LO28563

From: Alan Cotterell (
Date: 05/20/02

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There is an old saying (Jewish, I think) - 'half a loaf is better than
none'. I suggest that since at least Roman times we have lived with this
authoritarian paradigm. Employers who stay with it are, in my opinion,
satisfied with 'half a loaf', purely to sustain their comfort zone.

When you manage Operational Risk (quality, safety, environment, security)
appropriately within your organisation, the upside of risk is also
managed. It's not all negative, and I suggest there are substantial
potential benefits.

The problem is motivating workers genuinely, so that the new mindset is
adopted, and improved. The 'therapeutic lie' is alive and well in most of
our companies.

Best Regards,
Alan Cotterell


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