Motivation to Learn when in Despair. LO28562

Date: 05/20/02

Replying to LO28556 --

Dear At and LO,

Let us do some work, let us do it here and now within the community of our
LO peers. At has mentioned here that his daughter stayed with us recently,
Ilse-Marie. Ilse-Marie is an artist as well as a scientist. In this she
reminds me of her father and mother. She left some paintings with me,
four, all her own. I have been called many things, artist is one;-) I can
make four paintings. That is eight paintings. Some of my friends have
seen these paintings which, with Ilse-Marie's permission I shared image
files with them and other friends here in the UK. I propose then that Rick
make available a space in cyberspace in which pictures of reduced size can
be exhibited, maybe other pictures too will be contributed over time. (Let
us have a.picture gallery.) I will have 'mounted' the pictures by
Ilse-Marie and myself, then if Ilse-Marie gives her permission we will
offer them for sale to you as works of art. I think that sealed bids is
the most proper way and not some public auction. But to make it easy for
anyone to know where to 'come in' and where to set the 'upper limit' let
me say 100.00 pounds sterling is the lower limit and 250.00 pounds
sterling the upper limit. We will then donate the money they create to the
family. If we hit even an average sum that will create a small pool of
purposeful capital for At to use as (micro-credit) as his wisdom guides
him on their behalf and ours. I think At is creative enough to handle the
entropy production side of that aspect of giving.

> This family sleeps in a caravan on the bank of river, the only place which
> they could get for US$ 80. (This leaves her US$ 10 for all their
> expenses.) In the winter it becomes icy cold along that river.

My view tonight is simply this. I have nothing spiritually to offer this
family. What contact I have had with poor people here tells me that I want
to 'go' with my outlined proposition. I can and do offer them a 'material'
outcome from a few moments of shared and very special creative activity.
Some of you will be turned on by the idea and some turned off. If you are
worrying about selfishness take care, I am guided in my selfishness by his
Holiness the Dalai Lama. And by the ghost of Theo van Gogh, without whose
occasional 'cash gifts' you would not have had your sunflowers, your
wheatfields, your Dr Gachet nor your starry, starry night. I will share
the wisdom of the Dalai Lama in this regard another time.

At, One of the things I shared with Rick when he came to visit our tiny
cottage was that I had found the place where I wanted to be buried, I also
explained that I wanted to have a 'paupers burial'. During this 'project'
I must make it my business to arrange that.

I am glad that Alicia intervened on our behalf At. Thank you for your
heartspeaking, again;-) Thanks for staying.



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