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Date: 05/21/02

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Dear At,

> Thank you Andrew for your input. Throught it one thing is beginning
> to become clear to me -- the lack of art in the lives of this family and
> thousands of others like them. Where there is art, there is life.

Thank you for your feed-back to me At;-)

I will send them eight pieces of card, reproductions of the four pictures
from Ilse-Marie and four from me to put around the caravan. If it gets really
cold they can use them to kindle a fire.

I am glad that you consult to companies. But you/we will have to consult
to the whole world for their cheques if we are to put right, make better,
make more whole what we discern as wrong, ill-fitting and broken. I have I
think sometimes...discovered the most profound schism between people and
their companies (sic), of course on the deepest tacit levels. It is like
some unspoken state of pervading hate. Tacitly I will make a
proposition;-) and everyone here can bring their wisdom to bear. I will
use as a soft cloak the words of Henry Miller..." Every day managers and
executives slaughter their finest impulses for the good of abstractions
like stocks ,shares, shareholders, saving face, and fear of failure to
name a few actors upon the stage...They suffer chronic heartache,
heartburn and heart rending and many have heart attacks. They read words
like those of At de Lange, Meg Wheatley, Peter Senge and they see there
'the hand of a master', even if minor masters upon the stage of all public
discourse in all time, and they recognise there at all the levels
experiential, tacit, formal and wisdom themselves, but the tenderness of
the shoots you have grown to maturity in them are still frail, deformed,
and stunted because they lack the power of faith to believe in their own
powers, so they love songs that talk of heroes, culture that raises up the
heroic and they settle into the tv dinner, rarely toiling to create their
own criterion of beauty and truth. Yet every man and woman when he or she
gets quiet, sleep, dreamful becomes a stranger to himself and puts on the
cloak of honesty to his self and becomes capable of uttering the most
profound truths. How? Because we all derive from the same source. There is
no mystery about the origin of things. We are all art of creation, all
kings, all poets, all musicians; we only have to open up, to discover and
find what is already there."
Most people here will know of Bob Geldoff. He was talking the other day
about world poverty and he ruefully admitted that even today sub saharan
Africa is suffering more than it did then. I have no illusions about what
dollars can do without creativity. My innered sense was this woman is
creative and she would know what to do with a years income put before her.

It is not my place to judge your judgement. You have already done more for
her family that i could ever do. Deep inside this lady, and if I am going
to write and read about her in such harrowing personal terms At I would
like to know her name, if you think it appropriate, there would be a deep
well of practical wisdom. I leave that thread there for the present if I

Just to my left is a sheet of paper, on it is something I chose a few
months ago from Bohm. He says this, " There are two experiences. One is
movement in relation to other things; the other is the sense of flow. The
movement of meaning is the sense of flow." In that way he puts our world
into a simple sum. In that poem like way he joined the horrors of
capitalism without good, true and beautiful capitalists to the scene of
your departure from this domain to the next. A while ago;-) just a while
ago) you asked me to learn, reflect/digest and create. As you can tell I
am still digesting, but in the creation that will result in its own time
and no other will be set that last journey, of a king, like a sun gone
down only in order to rise.



"There are two experiences. One is movement in relation to other things;
the other is the sense of flow. The movement of meaning is the sense of
David Bohm


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