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From: chris macrae (
Date: 05/22/02

Does anyone have any bookmarks on what sorts of leadership challenges
issued organisation-wide strengthen learning organisation system and what
sort degrade

presumably, on the negative side, making the numbers as a solitary

on the positive side, I would be particularly interested if any corporate
citizenship-focused challenges have been benchmarked : one would assume
that relevant opportunities to make a difference could magnetise people
commonly and cooperatively across a living system - but if there is a lot
of work in this area why haven't we given it more of a shout?

I guess I have a bit of an agenda looming; I believe that social
transparency gaps (and their ability to reinforce profitability and other
good stuff) are now greater than the quality gap was 15 years ago; and it
is time that social integrity, learning organisation and quality were
converged into one standardisation and benchmarking process

...anyone for or against, such a suggestion?

chris macrae,


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