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From: John Zavacki (
Date: 05/24/02

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Chris says:

> I guess I have a bit of an agenda looming; I believe that social
> transparency gaps (and their ability to reinforce profitability and other
> good stuff) are now greater than the quality gap was 15 years ago; and it
> is time that social integrity, learning organisation and quality were
> converged into one standardisation and benchmarking process
> ...anyone for or against, such a suggestion?

Chris, to me, the work of Senge builds solidly on that of Deming. The way
my organization works is to take the work of both, as well as that of
Argyris and others and to build learnings and other events which recognize
the interrelationships. The inputs to a LO are social inegities, the
outputs are quality.

[Host's Note: Senge and Deming had a very positive working relationship
in the last few years of Deming's life. ..Rick]


John F. Zavacki
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