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From: Alan Cotterell (
Date: 05/25/02

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Dear Terry,

Thanks for your kind words. I suggest the proposed new paradigm is only a
small change of mindset, however that mindset (or lack of it) has plagued
me for the last twenty years.

I worked in a defence manufacturing industry which survived for about 90
years without performing Hazop studies (risk assessments) of any kind.
The result is one factory with a plethora of unmitigated hazards, another
with an equally undesirable management culture (even though the facility
is very new).

I worked for years in an environment where each day I expected to hear an
explosion involving fatalities or other incidents in which workers were

Every job, however conscientiously performed, resulted in a 'stuff-up'.
'Crisis management' was the norm, being proactive (planning) was poorly

As I have said, my midset was different, and I found the old paradigm
extremely hard to live with.

I have found the approach of this BBS comforting.

Thanks for giving the idea of 'self-management' and the paradigm shift
involved, some consideration. It really does work.

In the first factory I mentioned above, the Chief Chemist now manages by
issuing a 'Laboratory Management Manual', and for one half day each week,
he conducts a training session.

At the first such session, his people wandered in and looked bored,
however at the end of the session, he questioned them (an oral exam, if
you like). The next time they all brought pens and paper, and took notes.

Other areas have not taken such a constructive approach, however attitudes
are changing noticeably, but relatively slowly.

It all gives me hope that we might someday exchange some of our monetary
values, for something more important - sustainability perhaps.

Best Regards,
Alan Cotterell

>Alan, it may not have been a "blinding flash" but after reviewing
>discussions over the past few weeks on this topic and "Motivation to Learn
>when in Despair", I'm compelled to stop and pause and attempt to put your
>suggestion into my experience.
>"Right on!" comes to mind.


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