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From: Terry Priebe (
Date: 05/25/02

Replying to LO28601 --

Alan Cotterell said:

" The new paradigm should be risk conscious, proactive and equitable. "

Alan, it may not have been a "blinding flash" but after reviewing
discussions over the past few weeks on this topic and "Motivation to Learn
when in Despair", I'm compelled to stop and pause and attempt to put your
suggestion into my experience.

"Right on!" comes to mind.

I was at a college graduation the other evening when a speaker challenged
the students to become involved in the future of this academic community
in both word and deed. One of the challenges was about money - not the
huge gifts that become possible by fortuitous financial circumstances -
but rather by giving one US $ per month... routinely... continuously...
persistently... proactively. Where can this lead?

"Keeping one's foot on the gas" also comes to mind. How often do we
participate in a series of "events" that take the form of Alan's "crisis
management"... events and actions that seem pertinent to the moment, but
haven't included the appropriate "dwell time" to understand the holistic
nature of what's going on. It's the "feel good" first, and then the
discovery later of what's really going on... what's really happening...
and then the difficulty to focus a sufficient concentration of free energy
to discern how we (collectively) can better approach these problems or
opportunities in the future.

A great potential that I've seen within this LO group is a unique capacity
to wrestle with these fundamental issues: to work to figure out and truly
help our organizations, their members, and ourselves consider and benefit
from the new paradigm Alan suggested.

Best Regards,

Terry Priebe


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