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Date: 05/26/02

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Hi Shadrack,

I've used the 7s framework in strategy courses and in the beginning stages
of an OB or Org. Theory course to provide context. I've never seen an
empirical study of the 7s framework however. What I mean is, some
measurement of each "S" and then either correlation's between them or
perhaps regression against an organizational effectiveness measure of some
kind. Do "effective" organizations with "opportunistic" strategies also
have "transformational" management styles and "discretionary" systems?

That might be very interesting.

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> The McKinsey's 7-S framework has been praised and applied widely mostly
> about its effectiveness in strategy alignment. However, some critics state
> that it is inwardly focussed. I believe it is not and that organizational
> planning start from within the company and implementation is external. The
> 7-Ss if viewed holistically and with deeper understanding meet the
> requirements of internal and external alignment. Having said this, I would
> like to know what are areas of further research on the McKinsey's 7-S
> framwork, mostly if one want to do a doctoral research. The topic is aimed
> at being generically focussed, of course, one can also explore the case
> approach as a doctoral research problem. Can anyone help me on the areas
> of further research on organizational strategy formulation,
> implementation, evaluation, etc using the McKinsey's 7-S framework.
> Relevant case studiesand reading material will also be appreciated.


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