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From: Jan Lelie (
Date: 05/26/02

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Hello Shadrak Lepuru,

about fifteen years ago i read material from a Dutch thesis were the
7S-model was used in mapping change processes from one situation on
another. I found it interesting. The work was done within the Philips
organisation, but i do not know it there was an English translation or
publication(s). I think the authors name was Hermans, if i remember
correctly. I'll try to locate the material - if i still have it.

Jan Lelie

Shadrack Lepuru wrote:

> The McKinsey's 7-S framework has been praised and applied widely mostly
> about its effectiveness in strategy alignment. However, some critics state
> that it is inwardly focussed. I believe it is not and that organizational
> planning start from within the company and implementation is external. The
> 7-Ss if viewed holistically and with deeper understanding meet the
> requirements of internal and external alignment. Having said this, I would
> like to know what are areas of further research on the McKinsey's 7-S
> framwork, mostly if one want to do a doctoral research. The topic is aimed
> at being generically focussed, of course, one can also explore the case
> approach as a doctoral research problem. Can anyone help me on the areas
> of further research on organizational strategy formulation,
> implementation, evaluation, etc using the McKinsey's 7-S framework.
> Relevant case studiesand reading material will also be appreciated.


With kind regards - met vriendelijke groeten,

Jan Lelie

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