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Date: 05/27/02

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Dear Organlearners,

Leo Minnigh <> writes:

>I recently came aware of a special school which
>exists alrady from 1968 onward. It is the Sudbury
>Valley School. Please look at:
> and
>I think that this is a true LO, where pupils learn in
>complete freedom in a democratic environment.

Greetings dear Leo,

I think you are right.

It reminds me of the "voogklas" (guardian class) which I had as a teacher
in 1973. Within one weekend I experienced its emergence into a "tacit LO".
(The tacit means it happened 17 years before Senge articulated the concept
of a Learning Organisation.). For the next four years this class
functioned as a "tacit LO" until they left school.

This class did very much their own learning. They only made use of the
teacher in a subject when the topic was difficult or alien to them. What
was outstanding of this class, was the motivation for learning. Eventually
more than half of that class reached a post graduate qualification --
something extraodinary.

With care and best wishes,


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